Cockpit Drill and Safety Checks

The Cockpit Drill and Safety Checks are part of the first lesson as a beginner. You will learn how to adjust your seat and mirrors to a comfortable and safe position. As you repeat this every time you start a lesson it will soon become second nature.

DSSSM Routine

The DSSSM stands for Doors, Seats, Steering, Seatbelt and Mirrors. It is an easy way to remind yourself what needs to adjusted and the best order for doing that.

Safety First

As soon as you're in the car, ensure the handbrake is ON and the cars gears are in Neutral for a manual car or Park for an Automatic.


Always ensure all your doors are properly closed before moving away by visibly checking them as well as being aware of anDriver opens door on cyclisty dashboard warning lights of open doors.

Before  opening a door to get out, check the door mirror and look over your shoulder; this is especially important on the driver's side with passing cars and cyclists. On a windy day be sure to hold the door firmly with both hands.


Your seat should be adjusted so you can comfortably press the left pedal( Clutch ) to the floor without stretching and with a slight bend in your knee. Adjust the back of the seat( the rake ) to a comfortable position. Adjust the head restraint if possible. Some head restraints may not be adjustable.


Many modern cars have adjustable steering wheels; adjust the wheel so you hold it comfortably without stretching or sitting too close. Due to modern cars having air bags in the steering wheel it may be unsafe to sit too close.


Nearly everyone should be familiar with putting on their seatbelt; as well as being a legal requirement it is also an important safety feature that should not be ignored. As the driver you are responsible for your own seatbelt and any passengers under 14 years old. Other passengers are responsible for their own, however it is wise for your safety as well as theirs that you insist on their use.


The mirrors should always be adjusted afterthe seat has been adjusted as changing your seating position can affect what you see.

Start with the interior mirror, using both hands and holding it with the edge of the mirror frame rather than the glass to avoid fingerprints. It should be adjusted to get the best view behind but slightly to the driver's side.

The left and right door mirrors should be adjusted so as to give roughly half sky, half road and some of the side of the car.

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